help me move out of a hostile living situation


uh hi everyone

I feel silly asking for help but I really need it

atm I’m stuck living again w/ my abusive (homophobic, transphobic, and ableist) parents and need help to get out of this environment (details under the cut)

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This is a very important website. Please spread the link.





in a few days i will literally be homeless. i technically already am (i’ve just been staying at a friends house for like a week now) but. i don’t know what to do. i have nowhere to go and no money and nothing to offer anyone that would be willing to let me stay with them even for a bit. my mom’s in a hospital and she gave me our EBT card to use while she’s gone, so all i really have right now is being able to pay for my own food, and i won’t for long because she’ll need it back once she’s out.

and we can’t go back to where we were staying. it was only temporary and it was bad and uncomfortable, just like the last place, and the place before that. people keep screwing us over and emotionally abusing my mom and we can’t get away from it. she’s trying so hard to find us something, and to start making money, but things are just too hard for us and we’ve hit rock bottom. we have never been in a worse position than this, even when i was little and she had to support me and my siblings alone, it’s never been this bad…i just don’t know what to do anymore.

someone asked me if they could signal boost this for donations so i might as well include my paypal. if you want to donate, send anything to keganmeinz@aol.com on paypal.

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Breaking news: The D.C. Appeals Court just killed Net Neutrality.This could be the end of the Internet as we know it. But it doesn’t have to be. Tell the FCC to restore Net Neutrality: http://bit.ly/1iOOjoe

they want to make the internet like tv. with channels and paying to get to specific websites and things. net neutrality = not doing that

This impacts every internet user. Please signal boost the hell out of this and sign the petition if you are American

I do not reblog things like this very often, but this affects me both personally and my business as a freelance artist.
In the economy here; cash is already strapped as it is. You bet your ass companies would suck the ever living life out of misc. art sites.
I don’t want it to ever come down to me choosing between groceries or purchasing a new tier package via comcast to be able to access tumblr or DeviantArt (let alone not guaranteeing I’ll even be seen by my customer base since they may not want to pay out their asses either). It doesn’t seem important to most, but I do 90% of my business online entirely.
Please sign up, fight for this and share it with your followers/friends/family and urge them to give them hell as well.

Not writing related, but this is incredibly important. While we pay for service via ISPs, the internet has been a relatively free space where everyone, no matter their income level, is able to connect, access a wealth of information, and express themselves. The Internet has become a major part of our culture as human beings and the notion that ISPs might be able to limit what sites I can access unless I pay them more is utterly sickening. A lot of us are cash strapped as is, and I’d rather not be limited even more by someone else’s greed. Net Neutrality is essential and I hope you guys will understand why it needs to remain.
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“ limit what sites I can access unless I pay them more”
 limit what sites I can access unless I pay them more
 limit what sites I can access unless I pay them more
 limit what sites I can access unless I pay them more
 limit what sites I can access unless I pay them more


Hello Everyone!
I’m Mena White and I’m in need of a bit of help from y’all right now. Basically the situation is that I had to leave my dad’s abusive home for my safety and mental wellbeing. I did not really want to talk about it online very much because its this whole dramatic thing and nothing I want to stress my dear followers over but now I’ve run into a little issue. Although I have a place to stay, I need to be able to pay them in order to continue to stay here and I also need to be saving in order to go back to school. I have a job right now but with the low wage and low hours, its not enough to cover the cost of staying here or saving. I need another job but its impossible to find one because I don’t have the best transportation. I need a car.
In order to get a car that is reliable I am asking y’all to help me out. I made a indiegogo account which can be reached here and anything you contribute helps me a ton! 
I racked my brain and came up with these services and products I can give you in return for helping me so much:
$10 your very own handwritten note by me!
$25 A goodie bag filled with homemade lollipops and a handwritten letter by me!
$30 A specially made mixed CD with twenty songs I think you’ll like, plus a handwritten letter
$35 Any paper/essay/story/poem of your choosing proofread by me!
I realize everyone can’t contribute but positive thoughts sent my way and signal boosting would help me so much! Thank you!!! Thank you!! Thank you!!!!
In case you didn’t see it before here is the link again!

The Forsaken: A Rising Number of Homeless Gay Teens Are Being Cast Out by Religious Families


This is actually a really, really well done article. long but absolutely worth the read. So glad that a magazine as big as Rolling Stone is publishing content saying, “Hey, people, we may be patting ourselves on the back about marriage equality these days but there are much bigger issues still being swept under the rug.”